Merry Mary Bell-Shaped Top, Size 8/6/38

Merry Mary Bell-Shaped Top, Size 8/6/38



This easy-to-wear bell-shaped top goes really well with leggings because of its wide silhouette, it drapes nicely and feels breezy. Would look good with a body-fitting turtleneck for the cold winter months for wearing all year round.



For lovers of unique prints: Made out of vintage stretch-knit fabric called "Merry Mary" by Fabrics Inc., 1978, locally sourced in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Aloha to this tongue-in-cheek crossover of plaid and polka-dots!



Yellowy beige with white, chocolate brown, black, and sap green dots crossing over each other.



US size 8
UK size 6
Europe size 38


Arm opening is 46 cm. / 18. 1 in. all around; Do make sure tops you find comfy have this arm opening size too. 



Warm hand-wash recommended.